About Us


What is the Roding Valley Blog?

This Blog was established toward the start of 2012. The Roding Valley Blog is an accumulation of online networking channels, consolidated with the Blog itself, to deliver a state-of-the-art news source, which concentrates on the point of motorsport inclusion. This subject incorporates all types of motorsport contribution, going from the processing plant race programs, the distance to the different client and private Audi groups everywhere throughout the world.

This undertaking (Blog and online networking) is keep running on the standard of being: “Keep running by fans for fans.” It is an instance of giving progressive news to kindred lovers.

This Blog, and the greater part of its straightforwardly related online networking (as recorded on the Blog), is controlled by two people. The Blog was an augmentation of the current informal “Auto Racing Fanatics Fanpage”. The motivation behind the Blog was to permit the heads to further extend their motorsport news scope by including their own particular composed substance and press discharges from different authority sources.