Why You Need To Check Your Ford’s Battery Today

Thanks to Ford’s market penetration and the simple construction techniques that the Ford Motor Company use, you can carry out a lot of the maintenance that Fords need.

Much of the maintenance is simplicity itself. Checking that headlights, indicators and tail lights are clean and operational is something you can do almost every day. Checking that the tyres aren’t bald or getting flat should be something that you do every couple of months, as should filling the windscreen wash bottle and making sure that oil and water are at the correct levels.

All these tasks are as simple as undoing a cap and taking a look. If there is insufficient fluid, top it up! If you’re losing a lot of fluid, if there are drips on the tarmac under your car after it has been parked, then you should have that looked at by a qualified mechanic. It’s these simple signs that tell you if there are problems developing with your car.

Check Your Battery if Your Car Isn’t Starting Properly

Checking your Ford Focus battery is simple too as modern car batteries require very little maintenance. If you notice that the car isn’t starting properly then using an ammeter will tell you if the battery is fully charged. If it is producing 12v or more then the battery should be fine and there could be another reason why your car isn’t starting properly.

If your Ford Ka battery isn’t delivering 12v then it could be that your battery or alternator is faulty. If you don’t know how to find out if your battery is fully charged or giving out enough power when you are trying to start the engine, it’s worth taking it to have your battery checked by a professional. They will be able to tell you if your battery or starting system needs attention.

A Third of All Breakdowns Down to Bad Batteries

Faulty and flat car batteries account for 33% of recovery call outs and breakdowns. If you do notice that your car isn’t starting properly or the interior lights are dim when you are in the car with the engine off when it should be fully charged then it probably is time to get a new battery. Replacing your car battery is a reasonably simple operation, although it is a little trickier than changing the batteries on your remote!

Your old battery will have all the information you need written on it so all you need to do is take a look and see what size it is. If you can’t see that information, check your car’s manual, it will tell you exactly the battery you need. Once you have the battery you just need to remove the old one by loosening the terminals (first the positive, then the neutral) and lift the battery out. Make sure the cradle is clean and free of anything that could damage the new battery’s case, ensure that the connectors at the ends of the cables are corrosion free. If there is corrosion, simply remove it with a stiff brush and put the new battery in. Connect the cables to the terminals, (this time neutral, then positive) and that’s it. You’ve successfully replaced your car battery.

The most expensive way to buy a new car battery is to wait until you’re broken down on the hard shoulder. Recovery companies will charge several times the regular retail price when they come and pick you up. But the cheapest way to buy a new car battery is to place an order online. Check the size of battery you need, place your order online and your new battery will be delivered to your door for a fraction of the price.